LPS Corals

Large polyp stony corals (LPS) are a great choice for beginner-level and experienced hobbyists. These LPS corals feature beautiful, vivid colors and require easy to moderate care to keep them vibrant and healthy. LPS require low to medium lighting, a medium current, and prefer to feed on meaty foods. LPS corals are extremely popular in the hobby because they are easy to keep and can provide color to their environment without needing the attention that SPS corals would. The LPS category contains corals such as Blastomussa, Acanthastrea, Scolymia, Gonipora, Favia, Alveopora, Acans, bubble coral, brain coral, Acanthophyllia, and Euphyllia like Torches, Hammers, and Frogspawn. These corals come in a multitude of intense colors like green, yellow, purple, orange, and pink, and some even are multicolored. If you’re looking for LPS corals, we get in hundreds of new specimens monthly. We specialize in large corals for sale—in particular, large colonies. Check out our category Scott's Handpicked Corals for some of the best LPS coral colonies you can find!
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