Policy & Guarantee

We hope to earn your business by providing you with the best selection of competitively-priced corals and livestock on the Internet, great customer service, and by being honest and fair in everything we do. Please read this page to learn more about our policies and livestock guarantee.

7-Day Livestock Guarantee

We go to great lengths to ensure that every coral or other livestock item you see on our site is as healthy as can be. And we use only the highest quality shipping materials and the most stringent packing procedures to help ensure that your new livestock reaches your tank in great condition.

We guarantee that livestock will arrive alive, and stay alive, for at least 7 days. With the exception of SPS Corals that we label with "Arrive Alive Guarantee"

Should you have an unfortunate loss within 7 days of receiving any coral or other livestock, we will gladly issue you a store credit that can be applied towards any future order. To be fair to us as well as to you, the following Terms and Conditions apply to our livestock guarantee:

  • You will receive a store credit for the exact amount of the livestock lost during the Guarantee period, which can be applied to any future order. We do not issue credit card refunds.
  • To receive credit for an item, the livestock in question must actually be dead. A coral that has lost some of it's color is not considered dead, as this is a normal occurrence with some corals due to shipping stress, etc. (please see below for more information).
  • You must report any losses to us within 24 hours via email to [email protected] and include a picture of the dead animal. If you don't have a digital camera we may ask you to mail back the dead animal, so please do not dispose of the dead item until you have talked to us.
  • You or someone else must sign for the delivery of your shipment on the first delivery attempt, otherwise our guarantee will be voided. We simply can't guarantee livestock that isn't delivered on the first attempt. You will receive a UPS tracking number by email as soon as label is generated. You can track the package the whole way through the process of shipping, if for any reason your package does not arrive by 10:30 or is delayed for any reason you MUST contact us ASAP so we can get in contact with UPS Rep directly, failure to do this will void any guarantee. For more information on shipping and delivery, please see the Shipping page.
  • Store Credit will be in the amount you paid for the item and can not be used on sale item or towards free shipping
  • We ship via UPS Priority Overnight mail which means all shipments are guaranteed to arrive by 10:30-12:00PM. If not, you'll want to use the tracking number we gave you to track the package and find out the status. It may just be a little late, but please contact us immediately if tracking reports any type of problem with your shipment (lost, undeliverable, etc.)
  • Do not under any circumstances refuse a shipment. If a shipment is late, leaking, appears to be damaged, etc. you still must accept delivery on the first delivery attempt, otherwise our guarantee is voided. Our guarantee protects you from losses due to late delivery, damage, etc. - but only if you accept delivery on the first delivery attempt. There are NO exceptions to this policy.
  • To be covered under our guarantee, your tank must be fully cycled and you must adequately acclimate all livestock. You can find the proper acclimation procedures on our site, or don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions about acclimating new livestock.
  • In addition to our Guarantee, you have the option of utilizing Route Insurance. Find out more information Here

Miscellaneous Order Problems

Our website is updated in real-time, so anything you see on the site that is not listed as sold is currently available. This means that rarely if ever is a coral double sold. If anything, there may be a situation where a coral isn't looking as good as when we photographed it and we don't want to ship it to you.

If there is any type of a problem with your order, we will attempt to contact you immediately by phone and/or email if time allows. If it's an issue with a specific coral, we'll offer a comparable coral instead.

We do not make substitutions without your approval, so if we are unable to reach you we'll go ahead and ship the rest of your order. We would then issue you a store credit for the applicable amount.

Coral Photos

All coral photos are taken under some of the best lighting in the industry. We personally use Radion Xr30 G6 Blue LED & Kessil A360x Tune Blue LEDs and take the photos with a Canon DSLR digital camera. Our photos are the most accurate representation that we can achieve and accurately represent how the coral looks under our lighting in our photo tanks. We photo all of the corals under 3 or 4 inches of water from a top down view. We do not "photoshop" our corals (an unfortunately common practice) to make them look better then they are.

Please note that corals WILL look different from our photos under other types of lighting. We highly recommend the use of Radion or XM LEDs we believe these are the best for health and coloration of corals.

Coloration is also dependent on shipping stress, water quality and other tank parameters we have no control over - so we can't guarantee an exact color match in your tank. Rest assured however that as long as you have a clean and stable tank, most corals will retain or regain their coloration.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] or give us a call 972-757-9048. We'll do whatever it takes to make you happy.