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Here at Extreme Corals we understand the stress that the animals under our care had to endure in order to make it to us safely. We believe that the rejuvenation of the animal should be our first concern. We try to draw on our decades of experience in the hobby, education, and our work with these amazing saltwater animals to make sure that they are treated with the up most care. We understand that any coral that has been collected and shipped halfway across the globe can arrive in need of some attention.

Their treatment begins with careful acclimation into specially prepared observation tanks. Each animal is deliberately placed in one of four tanks, ranging from a calm and gentle linear flow to bursting and turbulent wave action. While under the four 400 Watt Metal Halide lights, these animals are rigorously inspected for any and all potential problems. The tissue inflates with clean water, the waste and bacterial film is gently washed away with the current, the polyps begin to open, and brilliant color flushes over the body of these magnificent animals once again. During this time each animal is monitored and fed an appropriate diet to insure the optimal health of the animal.
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Once this quarantine time is over they get transferred into one of three 30 foot long, specially engineered holding tanks. There they are placed under the appropriate bulb with optimal intensity and Kelvin, so that each individual animal can look better and better with each passing day. Every hour over 20,000 gallons of water passes over the corals, bringing vital nutrients & chemicals and rinsing the animals clean of debris & waste.

The 60,000 gallons of water drain from all three tanks into our 25 foot long sump. These vats house 4000 pounds of rock, a 9 foot tall skimmer, a six foot long algae/refugium filter, and an environmental temperature control system. This will make the water remind them of their reef: clean, stable, and vigorous with the daily nutrient delivered everyday.

Here your corals will remain until they're ready to be packaged and sent on their way with the utmost of care. We take great pride in our packaging and shipping methods. We layer each individual coral with a bag liner and multiple bags which are always the appropriate size for the specific coral. We then pump oxygen into the bags, clamp the bags with metal staples, and finally the shipment as a whole is put into a 1.5" thick Styrofoam container. Topped off with an appropriate heat/cold pack, and sealed with packaging tape and put into a uniquely designed corrugated box for shipping. The corals are then shipped priority mail using our preferred shipping account with UPS, for delivery to your home or office first thing in the morning. All of this to make sure that each and every coral will reach your hands in better condition than when we received it ourselves.
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