Zoanthid Corals

Zoanthid corals, also referred to as zoas, stand out as some of the most beloved and low-maintenance corals in the aquarium hobby. With their vivid colors and captivating patterns, zoanthids are highly sought after by aquarists of all levels of expertise. The remarkable color morphing combinations of zoa corals can transform any aquarium into a visually stunning underwater oasis. Zoanthids thrive in a variety of lighting conditions, although they particularly flourish under medium to high light levels, showcasing their vibrant hues to their fullest potential. Additionally, these corals appreciate high indirect flow, reminiscent of their natural habitat, which aids in their healthy growth and development. One notable characteristic of zoanthid corals is their rapid growth rate, which, while exciting, requires careful monitoring to prevent overgrowth and potential competition with other coral species in the tank. Despite their fast growth, zoanthids fill empty spaces quickly, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the aquarium and creating a lush environment. To maintain the health and vibrancy of zoanthids, it's crucial to ensure a nutrient-rich aquarium environment. These corals filter feed daily, utilizing nutrients present in the water. Providing a well-balanced diet and maintaining optimal water quality are essential to support their growth and enhance their stunning appearance over time. At Extreme Corals, we offer an extensive selection of zoanthid corals, including rare and sought-after specimens. Explore our collection to discover the perfect zoanthids for your aquarium and create your own aquatic masterpiece! Find the rarest Zoanthids in Scott's Handpicked Corals and filter for Zoanthids

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