Zoanthid Corals

Zoanthid corals are some of the most beloved and low-maintenance corals in the hobby. These corals are shockingly bright and colorful and make great additions to any aquarium. The color morphing combos of zoa corals are practically unlimited. The polyps and tentacles have some of the most breathtaking patterns of any coral out there. Zoanthids can be placed all over the aquarium, but most usually prefer to be placed near medium-high light and high indirect flow areas. One thing to make note of with these corals is that they grow larger, and eventually overgrow other corals if left unchecked. Zoanthids thrive in nutrient-rich aquariums where they can filter feed daily. Extreme Corals carries some of the most colorful zoanthid coral around. Check out our selection of rare zoanthid corals! Find the rarest Zoanthids in Scott's Handpicked Corals and filter for Zoanthids
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