Soft Corals

Soft corals are generally great picks for beginning aquarists. Soft coral aquariums need low to moderate light and are resilient to changes in chemistry within their environment. Soft corals distinguish themselves from other groups of corals by their fleshy bodies. Unlike LPS and SPS, soft corals do not build calcium carbonate skeletons, and they are very easy to take care of. Their low maintenance can be attributed to their tolerance of higher nutrient systems. Additionally, soft corals do not require strict adherence to chemical confines such as calcium and alkalinity. Soft corals are composed of many different species of corals including zoanthids, clove polyps, Xenia, and mushrooms. One of the more popular types of soft corals are Zoanthids, which are among the fastest-growing and easiest corals to keep. Speaking of easy to maintain, our vast selection of large leather coral is something to consider when shopping for soft corals. 
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