Ricordia Mushrooms

Mushroom corals are some of the best beginner-friendly specimens to start a reef tank with. They are generally some of the easiest organisms to take care of in the hobby. These corals require little to no light and are content with most tank conditions. Mushroom corals are hardy and make ideal corals for most beginners. Mushrooms have long tentacles and are aggressive toward other types of corals. Keeping this in mind, it is important to provide these corals with enough space to grow and expand. At Extreme Corals we carry several different types of mushroom corals, including Ricordea, Rhodactis, Discosoma, and Pseudocorynactis. Among the most recognizable species are Ricordea mushrooms. Here at Extreme Corals, we have a wide selection of Ricordea mushrooms for sale as well as other types of mushroom corals. Check them out below!
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