The Extreme Facility

Welcome to - the largest online coral and invertebrate store in the country!

We've been in the hobby for 30+ years and have operated for over 20 years now. Extreme Corals is an extension of our business onto the Internet, allowing us to provide the best selection of both common and rare marine livestock to customers nationwide.

We are setting the highest of standards with this facility! No expense was spared in setting up our tanks, filtration, and maintenance systems.

  • Our primary holding tanks contain over 10,000 gallons of water

  • Over 35,000 watts of intensity-adjustable metal halide lighting.

  • Each system has multiple pumps that turns over and filters the water an average of 20 times per hour.

  • We have two enormous skimmers maintaining our tanks. They are large enough to handle 10,000 gallons of water EACH.

  • Our facility is climate controlled with 30 tons of air conditioning.

  • Our water is tested daily, and all parameters are maintained at natural seawater levels. Temperature is a steady 78 degrees.

We are not a wholesaler. We house and maintain all of our animals, and have a full-time husbandry manager. Every animal is shipped to our facility, examined to make sure it meets our standards, and then quarantined before going into our holding tanks - ready to be expertly packed and shipped to your door.

Our primary goals at Extreme Corals are to maintain healthy animals, and have the best customer service in the industry. Your satisfaction is very important to our owners and staff. We want you to leave our website satisfied and confident that your purchase was Extremely Awesome! We are a family owned and operated company, and consider all of our customers to be part of our extended "reefer" family.