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Extreme Corals News and Updates

Archives for November, 2022

How to Maintain Your Saltwater Aquarium

As you set up your saltwater aquarium, you need to know these basics for maintaining your salinity, temperature, and more.

We at Extreme Corals want only the best experience for you and your livestock. Maintaining your saltwater environment is worth keeping your corals healthy.
Scott Shiles, November 12, 2022
What Are the Differences Between LPS and SPS Corals?

Unsure of the differences in the care needed between Large Polyp and Small Polyp Corals? Read further to get the information needed for your LPS or SPS Tank

Here at Extreme Corals, we aim to provide you with the most unique corals in the hobby. LPS and SPS corals have different needs and functions within your reef tank.
Scott Shiles, November 12, 2022
The Three Main Types of Coral: Which is the Best for You?

Before deciding on which coral would be best for your tank environment, it is important to note the characteristics of each one

We at Extreme Corals not only want to provide you with the best possible experience when buying coral, but we also want to advise you on the different types of coral and how to best fit them into your reef tank environment.
Scott Shiles, November 12, 2022
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