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Extreme Corals Coral Frags

Discover how to set up and maintain a coral frag tank to grow and propagate coral fragments, promoting conservation and expanding your coral collection.

A coral frag tank is a specialized aquarium designed for growing and propagating coral fragments, promoting conservation and sustainability. These tanks offer a controlled environment, making them ideal for expanding coral collections and supporting reef ecosystems. Proper setup and maintenance, including appropriate lighting and water quality, are essential for successful coral growth.
scott Shiles, May 28, 2024
Extreme Corals Mixed Zoanthid Colony

Creating a Thriving Underwater World: A Guide to Coral Reef Aquariums

Dive into the vibrant and serene world of coral reef aquariums. Discover the beauty and benefits of bringing a slice of the ocean into your home, from selecting the perfect tank and beginner-friendly corals to maintaining a healthy environment and tackling common challenges
scott Shiles, May 23, 2024
Overview of Coral Types and Care Guidelines

LPS, SPS, and Soft Corals Demystified – Care Tips and Reef Tank Hazards Unveiled

Unlock the secrets of coral care with our in-depth guide! Explore the distinctions between LPS, SPS, and Soft Corals, alongside essential tips for nurturing each species. Discover the potential hazards endangering your reef tank and proactive measures to safeguard your underwater ecosystem. Elevate your marine aquarium expertise now
scott Shiles, April 05, 2024
Peter Dinh Reef Tank

Unlocking the Secrets to Thriving Coral Reef Tanks

Delve into the intricate world of coral care within reef tanks, where maintaining optimal conditions is paramount for sustaining vibrant ecosystems. From understanding coral needs to preventing diseases and pests, this guide explores essential strategies for nurturing healthy corals and fostering long-term reef tank success.
scott Shiles, February 28, 2024
Water testing kit

Harmony Below the Surface: Navigating the Interconnected Dynamics of pH and Alkalinity in Reef Aquariums

Dive into the delicate balance of pH and alkalinity in reef aquariums. Explore best practices for optimal health, coral growth, and long-term success.
scott Shiles, January 12, 2024
Reef Tank

Crafting a Thriving Reef Habitat: Best Practices and Sustainability in Reef Tank Ownership

Discover essential tips for a thriving reef tank: setup, equipment, sustainable practices, and ideal corals & fish. Create a healthy ecosystem today!
scott Shiles, January 08, 2024

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