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Zoanthids Colony and Frag photo

Aside from all different Coral types such as LPS, SPS, Soft Corals, & Zoanthids. You can choose between Coral Colonies and Coral Frags

Deciding between Coral Frags & Colonies will be a decision you have to make personally and what fits your budget and tank. Read along to see which is the best fit for you
scott Shiles, March 14, 2023
Coral Food Samples

Trying to figure out what type of food your coral is in need of? Here is a general guideline to what you should be feeding your new corals

Selecting which type of foods to feed your corals is crucial. Read along to find out what choice might be best for your corals below
scott Shiles, March 13, 2023
Reef Tank Photo

Here is a brief overview of the different types of Corals that you can add to your reef tank along with general guidelines on each type of coral

If you would like more in depth coral care tips, make your way to our coral care page or one of our blogs on a specific coral and the care needed.
scott Shiles, March 13, 2023
Extreme Corals Coral Collection LPS, SPS, Soft

With technology advancing and a better understanding of coral biology reef keeping as a whole has changed. Here we will talk about popular specimens, lights, and more.

Are you up to date with all evolutions of reef keeping has seen over the years? Read along to see what changes have come over the years!
scott Shiles, March 09, 2023
Extreme Corals Torch Coral

Acclimation of new corals can be a tedious process and daunting to a new hobbyist, but it is critical for proper health of your new coral.

Be sure to follow the steps below to ensure that you have acclimated your new corals correctly
scott Shiles, March 02, 2023
Reef Tank

New to the hobby or looking to joining thousands of Reefers across the world? Find out why we all have decided to take the plunge of having our own piece of the ocean in our homes and offices.

Reef keeping offers a wide range of rewards. From connecting to the growing community of Reefers to having your own piece of living work of art.
scott Shiles, March 01, 2023
Coral Frag Tool Kit

If you're new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran, you have heard of "Coral Frags" but do you know the process?

If you have interest in fragging corals. Read the following information in a step by step guide of how to make your very own coral frags
scott Shiles, March 01, 2023
Yellow Tang

Finding what type of fish to put into your tank can be a daunting tasks full of hours of research. Here we will break down a few top choices of fish for your reef tank.

With the right care and attention, you can create a thriving and beautiful reef tank that will provide a home for a variety of fascinating fish.
scott Shiles, March 01, 2023
How to care for Zoanthids and Palythoas in Reef Tank

Find out how to properly care for your new Zoanthids and Palythoas corals with this "how-to" guide on the requirements for healthy Zoanthids and Palythoas

Read along to find out the Lighting, Water Flow, Feeding, Placement & more when it comes to the care of your new Zoanthids and Palythoas Corals
scott Shiles, February 24, 2023
Space Invader Pectinia

Just as feeding different types of fish, some coral types have different needs than do others. Corals have adapted to capture falling food, and even varieties that are highly reliant on light can benefit from being fed.

Coral nutrition is something beginners are often guilty of neglecting, It is paramount that these needs are being met with your new coral.
scott Shiles, February 17, 2023

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Zoanthids Coral Care

Fragging Zoanthids and Palythoas technique, equipment and method. Be extremely careful when doing this
Purchasing Large Coral Colonies vs Frags for your reef tank
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