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Top Live Corals for Your Reef Tank and Why ExtremeCorals Offers the Best Selection

Discover the top live corals for your reef tank and explore the widest variety online in our blog 'Best types of Live Corals to add to your Reef Tank'.

Discover the best live corals for your reef tank at ExtremeCorals. Enjoy a wide variety and top quality to create a vibrant, healthy underwater ecosystem.
scott Shiles, May 30, 2024
Overview of Coral Types and Care Guidelines

LPS, SPS, and Soft Corals Demystified – Care Tips and Reef Tank Hazards Unveiled

Unlock the secrets of coral care with our in-depth guide! Explore the distinctions between LPS, SPS, and Soft Corals, alongside essential tips for nurturing each species. Discover the potential hazards endangering your reef tank and proactive measures to safeguard your underwater ecosystem. Elevate your marine aquarium expertise now
scott Shiles, April 05, 2024
Acanthastrea Coral Frag

Learn how to establish and maintain a coral frag tank with expert tips on equipment, coral selection, and care for a flourishing aquatic habitat.

Embark on a rewarding journey into coral cultivation with our beginner's guide, offering step-by-step instructions on creating and maintaining a thriving coral frag tank. Discover the joy of propagating corals sustainably while enhancing the beauty of your aquatic sanctuary.
scott Shiles, April 01, 2024
People standing infront of public aquarium

Dive into the Depths: Crafting Your Reef Tank Haven

Explore the essential equipment needed to cultivate vibrant marine ecosystems in our comprehensive guide. From foundational tanks and filtration to advanced controllers and reactors, discover how to create and maintain your aquatic haven with expertise. Whether a novice or seasoned enthusiast, unlock the keys to nurturing thriving corals and fish while exploring optional tools that elevate your underwater sanctuary.
scott Shiles, March 06, 2024
Guide to Successfully Acclimating Corals to LED Lighting

Navigating the Light: A Comprehensive Approach to Coral Acclimation Under LED Illumination

Discover expert strategies to acclimate corals to LED lighting, safeguarding reef ecosystems while enhancing brilliance. Explore essential tips now for a thriving underwater sanctuary.
scott Shiles, February 20, 2024
Reef Tank

Crafting a Thriving Reef Habitat: Best Practices and Sustainability in Reef Tank Ownership

Discover essential tips for a thriving reef tank: setup, equipment, sustainable practices, and ideal corals & fish. Create a healthy ecosystem today!
scott Shiles, January 08, 2024
GFO vs Carbon

Chemical Filtration can help maintain a healthy and stable environment for your reef tank.

Choosing the right type of chemical filtration is essential in maintaining a healthy and thriving reef tank
scott Shiles, April 25, 2023

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