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Extreme Corals News and Updates

Archives for August, 2023

Extreme Corals Lobophyllia

Lobophyllia and Symphyllia corals are captivating additions to any reef tank, each bringing their own unique charm and characteristics. Find the correct ways to care for each within this article

Understand the difference in care between two popular Corals, Lobophyllia and Symphyllia.
scott Shiles, August 17, 2023
Exploring the Enigmatic Bounce Type Mushrooms: Care Requirements in the Coral Reef Hobby

Discovering Bounce Mushrooms: Care Guide for Coral Reef Hobbyists

Explore the mesmerizing world of bounce mushrooms in coral reef aquariums. Learn about popular types, their captivating beauty, and essential care requirements for a thriving marine ecosystem. From water parameters and lighting to feeding and placement, uncover the secrets to successfully nurturing these unique and vibrant creatures.
scott Shiles, August 25, 2023
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