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Exploring the Enigmatic Bounce Type Mushrooms: Care Requirements in the Coral Reef Hobby

Discovering Bounce Mushrooms: Care Guide for Coral Reef Hobbyists

Explore the mesmerizing world of bounce mushrooms in coral reef aquariums. Learn about popular types, their captivating beauty, and essential care requirements for a thriving marine ecosystem. From water parameters and lighting to feeding and placement, uncover the secrets to successfully nurturing these unique and vibrant creatures.

by scott Shiles • August 25, 2023

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The mesmerizing world of coral reef aquariums is a haven for marine enthusiasts and aquarists alike. Among the myriad of captivating creatures that adorn these intricate ecosystems, bounce mushrooms stand out as some of the most intriguing and sought-after inhabitants. These unique and colorful mushrooms add a touch of whimsy and vibrancy to reef tanks, making them a popular choice for both novice and experienced hobbyists. In this article, we will delve into the different types of bounce mushrooms that grace reef tanks and outline their specific care requirements, ensuring a thriving environment for these enigmatic beauties.

Varieties of Bounce Mushrooms:

Bounce mushrooms, scientifically classified as Rhodactis species, are known for their distinctive bubble-like appearance and vibrant colors. These mushrooms are favored by hobbyists due to their captivating movement and ability to readily propagate in a well-maintained aquarium. Some common Bounce Mushroom names are OG Bounce, Sunkist Bounce, Frankenstein Bounce, Insanity Bounce, Interstellar Bounce, God Spawn Bounce, and Neptune Bounce.

Florida Ricordea (Rhodactis florida)

This variety is often referred to as the classic bounce mushroom. It boasts a spectrum of captivating colors, ranging from vivid oranges and reds to soothing blues and greens. Florida Ricordea mushrooms are known for their smooth, dome-shaped appearance and intriguing bubble formations.

Bounce Rhodactis (Rhodactis species)

 This category encompasses a diverse range of bounce mushrooms, each displaying its unique color patterns and bubble arrangements. Bounce Rhodactis mushrooms can exhibit stunning gradients and intricate bubble formations, adding an artistic touch to any reef tank.

Mega Bounce Mushrooms

 As the name suggests, mega bounce mushrooms are characterized by their large size compared to their counterparts. They showcase mesmerizing colors and bubble patterns, making them captivating focal points within the aquarium.

Care Requirements

While bounce mushrooms are relatively hardy and adaptable, providing optimal care is essential to ensure their health and vitality. Here are some key care requirements for maintaining bounce mushrooms in a coral reef aquarium:

Water Parameters

Maintain stable water parameters within the following ranges: temperature (75-80°F or 24-27°C), pH (8.1-8.4), salinity (1.024-1.026), and specific gravity (1.025). Regular water testing and adjustments are crucial to prevent stress on the mushrooms.


Bounce mushrooms thrive under moderate to high lighting conditions. Provide reef-grade LED lighting or T5 fluorescent lighting to mimic natural sunlight. Avoid exposing them to intense direct light, as this can lead to bleaching

Water Flow

 Moderate water flow is ideal to prevent detritus buildup on the mushroom's surface. Ensure that the water movement is not too strong, as it can cause the mushrooms to detach and float.


 Bounce mushrooms are photosynthetic but also benefit from supplemental feeding. They can be target-fed with small pieces of meaty foods like brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, or specially formulated coral foods.


 Place bounce mushrooms on stable surfaces within the aquarium, such as live rock or substrate. Ensure they have enough space to expand without coming into contact with neighboring corals or aggressive tankmates.

Water Quality

 Regular water changes, efficient filtration, and the use of protein skimmers are essential to maintain excellent water quality. Avoid overfeeding, as excess nutrients can lead to algae growth and negatively impact mushroom health.


 Bounce mushrooms are sensitive to handling and sudden changes in water parameters. Use caution when moving them, and avoid touching their delicate tissue.

Bounce mushrooms are captivating and vibrant additions to coral reef aquariums. Their unique appearance and movement make them a cherished choice for aquarists seeking to create a dynamic and visually appealing underwater world. By adhering to their specific care requirements and providing a stable and nurturing environment, hobbyists can enjoy the beauty and wonder of bounce mushrooms flourishing within their reef tanks.

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