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Exploring the Marvels of Micromussa: A Comprehensive Guide to Care, Placement, and Species Differentiation in Reef Aquariums

Find out how to properly care for your new Micromussa Coral with this "how-to" guide on the requirements for healthy Micromussa Coral from the #1 place to buy corals online!

Read along to find out the Lighting, Water Flow, Feeding, Placement & more when it comes to the care of your new Micromussa Coral

by scott Shiles • March 31, 2023

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Micromussa, affectionately dubbed the "tooth coral," serves as a beacon of beauty within the aquatic world. Belonging to the Mussidae family, this large-polyp stony coral coral captivates reef aquarium enthusiasts with its vibrant colors and unique appearance. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the realm of Micromussa, uncovering not only its mesmerizing allure but also crucial care guidelines, species differentiation, and strategic placement strategies necessary for its thriving presence in reef tanks.

Micromussa: An Intriguing Overview

Micromussa, predominantly found in the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific region, including the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Caribbean, showcases its splendor in shallow marine environments. With its fleshy demeanor and large, colorful polyps, this coral species stands as a testament to the mesmerizing diversity of marine life.

Care Tips for Micromussa's Flourishing Existence

To ensure the flourishing of Micromussa in reef aquariums, meticulous attention to care is imperative:


Optimal lighting levels, ranging from moderate to high, akin to other large-polyp stony corals, are essential. Employ a combination of blue and white LED lights or metal halide lamps to create the ideal lighting ambiance conducive to Micromussa's growth and coloration.

Water Flow

Micromussa thrives in moderate water flow conditions. Utilize wavemakers or powerheads to maintain gentle yet consistent water movement, preventing both tissue damage and debris accumulation, which could hinder its health and vitality.


While primarily reliant on photosynthesis for sustenance, Micromussa benefits from supplemental feeding. Offer small portions of meaty foods such as shrimp or fish once or twice weekly to support its nutritional needs and encourage robust growth.

Water Parameters

Stability is paramount. Maintain water temperature within the range of 75-82°F, salinity levels between 1.023-1.025, and pH levels within the range of 8.0-8.4. Avoid sudden fluctuations in water parameters, as these can induce stress and make the coral susceptible to diseases.


Strategic positioning within the lower to middle regions of the tank, on a solid substrate, ensures access to adequate light and flow. Avoid placing Micromussa in close proximity to aggressive or stinging coral species to safeguard against potential damage to its delicate tissue.

Micromussa Lordhowensis vs. Micromussa Amakusensis: Unraveling the Distinctions

Among reef aquarium hobbyists, Micromussa Lordhowensis and Micromussa Amakusensis stand out as prominent favorites. Distinguished primarily by the size of their polyps, with the former boasting larger polyps compared to the latter, these two species hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, often affectionately referred to as "lords" and "micros."

Differentiation and Strategic Placement Considerations

While both species are cherished in reef aquariums, understanding their unique characteristics and placement preferences is crucial:

Micromussa Lordhowensis:

Renowned for its larger polyps and striking coloration, Micromussa Lordhowensis thrives in low-light environments. Optimal placement includes positioning it on the substrate or within shaded areas of the tank to ensure optimal growth and color retention.

Micromussa Amakusensis:

Characterized by smaller polyps, Micromussa Amakusensis adapts well to moderate lighting conditions. Placing it within the lower to mid-portion of the tank allows for ample light exposure without risking overexposure or color morphing, ensuring its health and vibrancy.

Micromussa epitomizes the beauty and resilience of coral life within reef aquariums. By adhering to meticulous care practices, understanding species differentiation, and implementing strategic placement strategies, enthusiasts can unlock the full potential of these magnificent corals, transforming their aquatic landscapes into vibrant showcases of marine biodiversity. Let the allure of Micromussa inspire your reef-keeping journey as you embark on an odyssey through the kaleidoscopic wonders of the underwater realm.

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