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Extreme Corals Customer Reef Tank

Harmony Below the Waves: Unraveling Coral Symbiosis in Reef Aquariums

Explore the vital nexus of coral symbiosis in reef aquariums: from mutualistic relationships to environmental challenges. Learn how to foster thriving ecosystems and ensure the health and diversity of your reef aquariums. Dive into expert insights now!
scott Shiles, February 21, 2024
Guide to Successfully Acclimating Corals to LED Lighting

Navigating the Light: A Comprehensive Approach to Coral Acclimation Under LED Illumination

Discover expert strategies to acclimate corals to LED lighting, safeguarding reef ecosystems while enhancing brilliance. Explore essential tips now for a thriving underwater sanctuary.
scott Shiles, February 20, 2024
Water testing kit

Harmony Below the Surface: Navigating the Interconnected Dynamics of pH and Alkalinity in Reef Aquariums

Dive into the delicate balance of pH and alkalinity in reef aquariums. Explore best practices for optimal health, coral growth, and long-term success.
scott Shiles, January 12, 2024
Reef Tank

Crafting a Thriving Reef Habitat: Best Practices and Sustainability in Reef Tank Ownership

Discover essential tips for a thriving reef tank: setup, equipment, sustainable practices, and ideal corals & fish. Create a healthy ecosystem today!
scott Shiles, January 08, 2024
Comparison of Acanthophyllia, Indophyllia, and Cynarina Corals in Reef Aquariums

Exploring the Exquisite Beauty and Care of Acanthophyllia, Indophyllia, and Cynarina Corals for Reef Aquariums

Dive into the care and beauty of Acanthophyllia, Indophyllia, and Cynarina corals. Discover their unique needs for thriving reef tanks. Stunning colors and specific care guide included
Test test, November 27, 2023
Extreme Corals Boxes being shipped at UPS

Ensuring the Health and Happiness of Corals Through Nighttime Journeys

Explore vital overnight shipping practices for coral care, from packaging perfection to acclimation excellence. Elevate your reef aquarium experience!
scott Shiles, November 10, 2023

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